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Love Poem Workshop

Matters of the Heart: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Love Poem Sunday, February 7, 7-9pm EST

Want to write your own love poem? I'm teaching an online version of my popular workshop, just in time for Valentine's Day!

You don't need to have any prior experience writing poems. I'll share some of my favorite prompts and exercises, to help generate some raw material, and I'll offer some useful strategies for shaping and organizing your lines.

You'll leave the workshop with a finished love poem, either for your sweetheart, or yourself!

I'm offering this workshop on a Pay What You Can basis, with a suggested fee of $45-$75.

If you can pay the suggested fee, that's awesome!

If you can pay more than the fee, how wonderful! Your generosity will make it possible for someone else to take the workshop, (and for me to keep paying my bills!)

If the suggested fee doesn't fit your budget, no problem. Just come. I'm not going to turn anyone away for lack of funds.

The more people out there writing love poems, the better, I say.

You can Venmo me the amount that works best for you at @Katherine-Ferrier.

Here's a more detailed description of what we'll be doing. I'm looking forward to writing with you!

In this workshop, we'll explore the poetic form of “Anaphora” as a doorway into writing a love poem. The term “anaphora” comes from a Greek word meaning “a carrying up or back," and refers to the poetic device of beginning each line with the same word or phrase, thus creating a pattern of repetition that starts to function like a refrain. One of the world’s oldest poetic techniques, anaphora is easy to grasp, and lends itself well to writing poems about love, longing and all of the many matters of the heart.

We’ll begin with some easy, low stress free-writing exercises, and then play with several prompts designed to generate material for our love poems. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a finished love poem for your sweetheart (or yourself!)

No previous poetry experience is necessary, and writers of all levels are welcome.


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