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Upcoming Opportunities to Explore Improvisational Patchwork

following the thread explorations in improvisational patchwork with Katherine Ferrier

I'll be teaching this special day long version of my improvisational patchwork class TWICE in February!

Saturday, February 17th at PortFiber in East Bayside, and Sunday February 25th at ASSEMBLE, the fab new maker space over in Berlin, NH. Details and links below! Space is limited in both venues, so register early to save a spot.

Do you love color, texture, design, and pattern? Are you a fan of juxtaposition, fascinated with how things come together? Have you always wanted to learn to make a quilt, but fussy construction, complicated measurements, and traditional patterns just aren’t for you? In this workshop, we’ll practice slowing down, paying attention and putting the pieces together. Using improvisational approaches to design as metaphors for composing our lives, we’ll spend time playing with fabric, hand-piecing a small wall hanging, and exploring several methods of backing and finishing our work.

Bring your own lunch and/or something to share for potluck!

Saturday, February 17th at PortFiber

11:00am - 5:00pm

Register here.

Sunday February 25th at ASSEMBLE

10:00am - 4:00pm

Register here.

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