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Linen Patchwork Dresses Now Available for Pre-Order!

Thank you all so much for your interest in my newest garment, the linen patchwork dress! I made the first prototype in a recent Cal Patch workshop at A Gathering of Stitches, where I'm the Studio Manager, and lucky enough to work on my designs, while soaking up inspiration and guidance from the other makers and shakers who work there.

After posting a few photos of the dress online, I've been (happily!) overwhelmed by the warm response, sweet comments, and inquiries from folks about how to go about getting one. I've been burning the midnight oil tweaking the pattern, playing with the lines, sourcing beautiful linens, and making yardage for the patchwork details.

To bring a garment from sketch to marketplace is quite a journey indeed! I'm learning so much with every step. I feel my mind and imagination stretching (like fabric on the bias!) as I ponder each detail, and decide how I want to proceed. I'll wax poetic about all of this later, but for now, some details!

In an effort to get these garments out into world, and be able to afford fabrics in quantities that make sense, I'm making a limited amount available for pre-order. Eventually, I know I'll need to raise my prices, but I'm starting out at a price I hope is affordable for those of you who have been so supportive of my work over the years, and have already expressed so much love for these dresses.

I'm starting out with 2 variations: a sleeveless version, and one with 3/4 sleeves. While the basic design is the same, each garment is unique, as the colors and patterns vary from dress to dress.

*the front bodice is cut on the bias, which means the dress hugs the bust in a comfortable and pleasing way.

*the lines of the patchwork are designed to flatter every body

*garment is completely reversible, back to front. wear it with the scoop in front, or in the back depending on your mood!

*the hem grazes the knee, and looks great worn on its own, or over leggings or jeans.

Pre-order now!

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