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calendar convergence


Today is World Poetry Day. A day to celebrate and recognize the power of poetry to arouse, enliven and awaken us to that which asks to be expressed. It is also, as I discovered when scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning, International Quilting Day, or Worldwide Quilting Day, depending on whom you ask, a day to honor the art of joining many pieces into one. And it is also, in spite of what it feels like outside, the first full day of Spring.

Beyond being a convergence of three of my favorite days, the serendipty holds special meaning for me.

Throughout my entire adult life as an artist I have felt the pull of several distinct creative practices: dancing, writing and making things with my hands. In the past 10 or so years, most of my handmade work has taken the form of making quilts, almost exclusively improvisationally. I fnd myself moving through seasons, with each form taking its turn at the wheel. Perhaps it has to do with getting older, but more and more, I crave integration. I want to make space for one form to inform the next, bring all of myself to the table of whatever it is I'm trying to do or make.

So I celebrate the convergence of these days of honoring the endeavors I hold most dear the best way I know how: with a little making, with a little writing, with a little sharing what I notice with you.


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