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the space we make by being in a body.

Enjoying having Marlee Grace of Have Company in residence this week at Little River. One of the projects we're sharing this week is making this simple and elegant dress by Sonya Philip of 100 Acts of Sewing.

The simplicity of the pattern is an invitation to slow down and take one's time with each step of the process. Ironing the pattern paper to make it smooth, then ironing the fabric reminds me to breathe, to really experience the exhale. Smoothing out the wrinkles, and gently pinning them together is a meditation on attending to one thing at a time.

But it's cutting the fabric that really gets me. Like the magic of making a decision. A simple action that cannot be erased. To make a mark that makes a space. To call forth something from the cloth by cutting it away from the wide, unbroken field of all that is possible. The space the body makes, and what can be made by moving into it.

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