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The Fine Art of Telling your Story:
A Hands-on Workshop for Artists 

Few things can trigger panic in an artist like having to write or speak about one’s work. Discussing visual ideas using language can be tricky, let alone trying to find the right words for aspects of your work with which you might still be grappling or trying to figure out. But while you might hope your work speaks for itself, if you want to show or sell your art to anyone other than your immediate friends and family, you’ll need to overcome your fear of telling your story. 


In this day-long workshop, we will take a look at three key components of being able to effectively tell your story as an artist in the marketplace: the artist statement, the artist biography, and the artist talk. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of why you need each one, and how they can help you get your work out into the world. We’ll break things down into manageable bites, using timed free-writing exercises, meditations, prompts, and partnered interviews aimed at discovering and honing our authentic voices, and finding the words that can tell our story in a compelling way. We’ll take baby steps by practicing introducing ourselves to each other, and cover the basics of preparing a variety of slide-show presentations. 


By the end of the day, you’ll have workable drafts of an artist statement, biography and talk, and the tools you need to hone them. Come prepared to dive into your own work, through writing and mulling and thinking and sharing. To get the most out of this workshop, bring a notebook, several good quality photographs of current work that can be shared, and a laptop with files of digital images we’ll use to build your slideshow. 

6 hours, with break for lunch.

professional development for artists

Artist Statements, Bios and How to Tell Your Story

What is an artist statement, and why do you need one? Often, the thought of writing an artist statement can be laced with anxiety for even the most accomplished of artists. But having a clear, articulate description of your art is critical if you want to get your work out there into the world. We all know what we are trying to say with our art, but many of us have a difficult time organizing or communicating those ideas with words. Gallery Manager Katherine Ferrier will show you how to write a thoughtful, concise, original and compelling artist statement that will get your work the attention it deserves. Bring a notebook and some photographs of your work to get the most out of this fun and relaxed 3 hour workshop.



How to Price Your Artwork

Before you can bring your work to the marketplace, whether that be a gallery, retail shop, craft fair or online, you need to understand some basics about pricing. Some say it’s an art, some say it’s simple math. There are many ways to answer the question “How much do you want for that?” Together we’ll look at several strategies, to find one that will work for you! Topics discussed include retail/wholesale pricing, different markets, theirs and cons of discounts and sales, and the importance of consistency. To get the most out of this fun and fast paced workshop, bring several examples of your work, to be priced using methods presented.



Tipping the Scales: How to Apply for Gallery Shows

When a gallery receives applications from 50 artists, but only has room to present 10 in a given season, simple math tells us that only so many will be chosen. How can you assemble the strongest, most complete portfolio of your work and put your best foot forward? What can you do to make your work stand out and get noticed? In this workshop we'll examine industry best practices for preparing a complete and cohesive application for a gallery show. We'll cover the 5 essential elements of a kick- ass application, and take a look at the top 3 mistakes that will land your application right in the trash. Bring whatever current application materials you may have (photos of artwork, artist statements, exhibition lists, etc.) to get the most out of this fun and fast-paced workshop.



Overcoming Your Fear of the Dreaded Artist Talk

If you’re like many artists, you’d rather have a root canal than stand up in front of people and talk about your work. Deep down, though, you have a lot to say, and your patrons, fans and potential customers are eager to hear it! In this workshop we’ll talk about the tops 3 reasons you want to have a great artist talk in your back pocket, and the 5 foolproof methods for preparing a talk that will engage an audience and build authentic connections between your artwork and the viewer. We’ll take baby steps by practicing introducing ourselves to each other, and cover the basics of preparing a variety of slide-show presentations. You’ll get the most out of this 3 hour class if you’ve already got an artist statement.



Share the Wealth: How to Teach a Workshop

You’ve spent years honing your skills as an artist, and building your brand, but have you considered adding teaching to your “business of art” tool box? Teaching workshops can positively impact your artistic bottom line in a number of ways. In this 3 hour workshop, we’ll cover building an effective lesson plan, teaching to a variety of levels, setting up a workspace, assembling a materials list, finding places to teach, giving constructive feedback to students, and more. Space is limited, pre- register to save your spot!

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