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thread says stay is a collection of poems and photographs about making:

weaving, knitting, stitching, natural dyeing, patchwork, felting, mending, garment making...


The poems and photographs in this collection are inspired and informed by makers and the act of making, and the myriad ways meaning and metaphor run through every fiber, flower, fabric and stitch of what we make with our hands. Making is a practice of paying attention. As a maker, I glean subtle insights about myself and the world by listening deeply to my materials, by noticing the way my body moves as I work, by considering the very act of making as a collaboration with unfolding forms. When attended to in this way, making can become a way of making sense. What we make, in turn, makes us, and connects us to a sacred web of makers around the world, and throughout time, who have spent countless hours in the hum of being with the coming to be.  


40 pages.

Full color. 



Perfect gift for the maker in your life. 

Comes gift wrapped in recycled kraft paper, with a hand typed poem tpaed to the front.

thread says stay

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