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Tuesday, May 30, 6-8pm

If making is a practice of paying attention, what can we learn about ourselves, and the world, by tuning in to the layers of meaning and metaphor embedded in every thread of our lives as makers? How is making its own kind of making sense? How does what we make in turn make us? This workshop is one part making, one part meditation, and one part contemplative/ creative writing. We’ll begin with some quiet, meditative handwork, (sewing, stitching, spinning knitting, drawing, etc) each tending to our own work. From this place of deep listening and connection, we’ll work with a variety of writing prompts that will act as invitations into memory, metaphor, and meaning. There will be space for sharing our writing with each other so that we might deepen our appreciation of how our personal stories are interwoven with and connected to the world around us. No formal writing experience is required. Please bring some handwork and a journal. It’s best to bring something you can work on without concentrating too much, so that your hands can be steadily working, leaving your thoughts to drift into the rich realms of memory and meaning. Simple stitching/embroidery materials can be provided for those in between or without projects for a materials fee of $5. 


You don't need to think of yourself as a writer, or an accomplished maker to get a lot from this workshop. A writer is someone who writes. A maker is someone who makes. You'll be gently guided into doing both in this mellow, slow-it-down, meet yourself where you are workshop. 


  • Studio 102
    Lincoln Street Center
    24 Lincoln Street
    Rockland, Maine, 04841

    Plenty of parking in back of building, which is an old elementary school.
    Enter through the doors on the right side as you're facing the back of the building from the parking lot.
    Outside doors will be locked, but someone will let you in. 
    Please plan to arrive by 5:45, so you have time to land.
    We'll start right at 6.

  • Tuesday, May 30,  6-8pm

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