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Custom Poems

Looking for the perfect gift? How about an original, custom poem, written just for you or someone you love, typed on archival paper on one of my vintage typewriters?


Here’s how it works: 
1) Give me a word. (You could give me more, a phrase or a story…anything really, and as much as you’d like, but I need at least a word as a jumping off place I’ll use to write a poem just for you!)


2) I will write your poem on my vintage typewriter, on archival heavy-weight paper, 5”x7”suitable for framing. You’ll get your poem in a simple and sturdy kraft paper card, tucked into an envelope and tied with twine. Perfectly wrapped and ready to give, or keep and enjoy for yourself.


Weddings, Art Openings, Special Events

Looking for a way to infuse your next event with wonder and delight? There is nothing quite as magical as the sound of poems, being written on a manual typewriter! Custom poems for your guests and loved ones, written on a vintage typewriter during the event. Each one is unique and personal, often uncovering layers of meaning that surprise, delight and touch the heart. ​


Are you planning a unique, heart-centered gathering? Get in touch and together we can build the perfect package to celebrate and honor the important moments in your life.

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