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How We Share the Sky

A collaborative poetry and photography project with Kathy Couch, the project began in 2008 when Kathy initiated an exchange with a simple invitation:

Once a day for seven consecutive days:
1) show a part of your sky (something visual) and
2) share something of yourself (something textual).


The two shared the daily practice for a week, recording the time and date of each piece and at the end of the seven days, exchanged what they had created.  Each artist took the images and text generated and created something with it. Five years later, they returned to the skies as a way to connect and collaborate across space and time. They embarked on this most recent iteration January 1, 2014 and continued daily for 365 days.


how we share the sky is an exploration of continuousness, commitment and connection, and of the way these intentions inspire us each to hone and expand our capacities of attention, composition and articulation. To see all of the photographs and poems created, visit the website. 


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