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a bit about me

I am a poet, dancer, quilt-maker, curator and community organizer, doing my part in the greater human project of evolution by making spaces for people to come together and MAKE. 

I try to pay attention to the world around and within me. 


Here: some reports from the field. 

March 4, 2015

On Saturday, six bright and brave young quilters joined me at Litte River Studio for a day of improvising with fabric.  "Following the Thread" is a hands on workshop I've been developing to introduce some basic concepts of Improvisational Quilting, and share some techniques that I've been using to make my one of a kind quilts. 


We spent the day lost in making, occasionally coming up for air long enough to have a snack, or visit a neighbor's sewing station to see what they were up to. Periodically we put our work up on the design wall, so that we could stand back and really see the emerging compositions.  


All in all a delightful day, spent in good company, in the glow of making.  Enjoy some of these beautiful photos by Jess Snow, and stay tuned for the next workshop, coming this Spring!


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